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Future of IPL 2020 is still dark as BCCI cancels call with franchise owners

The future of IPL 2020 is still dark as BCCI cancels call with franchise owners

The con call that was scheduled to take place between IPL Stakeholders and BCCI officials has been canceled. Over the call, the franchise owners and BCCI officials were supposed to decide the fate of the Indian Premier League. But now the IPL 2020. This year uncertainty is still an issue for the whole IPL tournament.

Because today the Indian government has also issued 21 days lockdown in the whole country. As per the IANS reports, the call was scheduled to discuss the current situation of the Covid-19 pandemic. But now the call will take place later this week as BCCI members as very keen to ingress the current situation before sitting on the table with franchise holders to discuss and make a final decision on IPL 2020.

The future of IPL 2020 is still dark as BCCI cancels call with franchise owners
The future of IPL 2020 is still dark as BCCI cancels call with franchise owners

BCCI statement on the fate of IPL 2020

In the statement, BCCI officials said, “Today, we were supposed to have a conference call with the stakeholders to discuss the situation. But we will do it sometime later within the week. But yes, the process of constantly assessing the situation will be on and there will be communication between all the stakeholders as we need to take calls unanimously,”

No questions of taking calls in an individual capacity, it is just a case of taking further stock of the situation considering that the government is trying to do its best to fight the pandemic and has now even ordered lockdown around the country,” Officials further added.

BCCI officials admitted that as per the current situation of the Covid-19 it is not easy to decide the fate of IPL 2020. The BCCI and IPL team owners are still able to conduct the tournament. By taking a cue from pattern and rules that were followed when League was taken to South African grounds. But to do that, the first match of Indian Premier League 2020 must be played between Mi and CSK at Wankhede stadium by the first week of May 2020.

What Kings XI Punjab’s Franchise Co-Owners Said?

In the country, there are still 500+ cases with 10 deaths. Kings XI Punjab’s co-owner Ness Wadia has shown zero interest in presenting the IPL 2020 with these ongoing health crises in the world.

“…humanity first, everything else comes second. If the situation has not improved so there is no point in even talking about IPL. If it doesn’t happen so be it,” Wadia said.

“I can’t even think about the IPL at this point. It is irrelevant along with everything else. The only thing which is relevant is in what we are living in and it is a world war three situation where we are fighting to help so many people,” Wadia said.

“The governments have taken many decisive steps to save billions of people. We often criticize the government but for the proactive steps, they have taken we should applaud them. A country as big as India has suspended all flights and locked down itself for isolation. That is a very massive and positive step for the betterment of people,” he added.

Somehow he is true. Because if the Olympics can be postponed by a year, then Indian Premier League is a very smaller entity in that regard. which is also becoming increasingly difficult to organize in these hard conditions. As the Indian government is not even allowing foreign visas.

As per the reports of IANS, at present each stakeholder is discussing to control or reduce the financial damage with their insurance companies or broadcasting partners.

BCCI had also postponed the league till April 15 as the government canceled all visas, like diplomatic and employment, till April 15.

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