Anushka’ s named her baby girl “VAMIKA “


Earlier today, the Indian cricket team captain and his wife introduced her baby girl to the world via an Instagram post. Virat wrote, “My whole world in one frame “. Anushka reveals the baby girl name “VAMIKA “ The couple also share the first photo of her with them on Instagram.

“We have lived together with love, presence and gratitude as a way of life but this little one, Vamika has taken it to a whole new level! Tears, laughter, worry, bliss – emotions that have been experienced in a span of minutes sometimes! Sleep is elusive, but our hearts are SO full. Thanking you all for your wishes, prayers and good energy,” Anushka wrote on Instagram.

After seeing the post, the fans started to search for the meaning of her name. As per the Pandit Jagannath Guruji, the name ‘Vamika’ is a Sanskrit name for Goddess Durga.

“Although it has been derived from her parents’ names — the first letter ‘V’ has been taken from father Virat’s name, and the last two letters ‘ka’ derived from her mother’s name Anushka — according to numerology, it comes to number 3.

“This name particularly stands for power and strength. It is also an influential name bound to be lucky for the parents and the baby herself. She would follow her father’s footsteps. The name ‘Vamika’ is attractive and indicates success and peace. Wherever she will go, she will bring prosperity and wealth. This name is popular in Bengali as well as in Malayali cultures,” the astrologer explained.

The reaction of netizens on her name, Vamika.

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