Kohli says “Rishabh Pant will take the gloves tomorrow.”

In his latest virtual interview, India skipper Virat Kohli said that his bonding with Ajinkya Rahane is totally based on trust. He wonderfully did his job with “flying colours” in Australia. In addition to this, Kholi said: “the whole team is based on trust, and all of us are working towards only one goal, and that is to see India win.”

He mentioned that he and Rahane always enjoyed batting with each other. Our bonding is strong on the field & off the field as well. We do chat a lot and stay in touch “He has always been someone who has had the capability and capacity to give inputs at different stages, and we do have discussions on the field towards where the game is heading.”

“I go and discuss a lot of things with him to get more clarity and perspective other than me, focussing on team plans. That’s how we work together. That’s the massive reason for the success of the Indian team in Test format.”

“That partnership will be the same as it has been, mindset for me, him and everyone remains to take Indian cricket forward,” the skipper said.

India wouldn’t make a mistake to think about the World Test Championship (WTC) final, which cost them the series in New Zealand in February 2020, it would try to win the Test matches against England skipper Virat Kohli said.

“In New Zealand, we did discuss it (WTC final) a bit, and that could have added extra pressure on us to do everything so precisely. We ended up being under pressure a little bit. But from Australia onwards, it was all about following a good process, preparing well, going out there and just understanding the situation and making sure we play according to the situation,” said Kohli 

In this Australia series, we didn’t speak of winning because of WTC 2021. I think it is a by-product of our team doing well anyway. There’s no point adding extra pressure. For us, it remains a game of cricket, one session at a time. One hour at a time. That is how success is achieved in the longest format of the game.

“So no point thinking about something that is still months. It is important to stay in the present and take one day at a time and move forward,” he added.

Kohli, who will return to lead the national side after the paternity leave, said he was impressed by India youngsters and newcomers like Mohammed Siraj, Washington Sundar, Shardul Thakur and Navdeep Saini performing well in Australia and said that the team’s strategy of going for the win overseas and keep draw as only the last option is what helped them do well and help India win the last Test in Brisbane.

“We had decided back in 2014 when I took over as captain that whenever I get a chance, I will go for the win and draw will be our last option when we don’t have a chance to win. We have persisted with this. In every match, we think of how and where we can win. Making a plan is one thing but persisting with it requires everyone’s contribution,” said Kohli, adding that the youngsters followed it and that is the reason they performed.

“What happened in Australia recently — youngsters coming and performing is a special win for us. Because we did not have that much experience and the impactful performances they came up with, that can happen only with mindset — they thought they would go, play and go for the win. Regardless of who we are playing against, the difference in experience, all that goes out of the picture, and your focus stay on winning.”

“If we see our overseas tours, England or South Africa except for New Zealand, we realised that we lost the match in 40-45 minutes. It was not that we were dominated in the Test when we played away from home. When we saw that result in the last Australia series, our belief got stronger that we were on the right path and we knew that we were going on the right way,” said Virat Kohli.

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