Shoaib, Sarfaraz and others Dish the Dirt on their Teammates

The biggest International Cricket Council event is going to kick start from today, with the opening match between England and South Africa. All the teams have geared up themselves for the mega clash. Although, Pakistan Cricket team has lost 10 of last 11 ODIs, yet the team spirit and morale seems to be high as the videos of Pakistani players which surfaced on Internet, suggest.

The Veteran Malik, Captain Sarfaraz, Opener Imam and Pacer Hassan revealed the hidden traits and habits of their teammates in two videos which were shared by social media account of ICC.

When asked about the player who is always yearning for upgrading their flights, all of them voted for Mohammad Amir, the left-arm pacer lately included in the squad, with Hassan saying,

“Aamir bhai asks for it every single time, but he never gets it.”

Hassan, Imam and Sarfaraz agreed upon the name of senior most player, Shoaib as the one who enjoys romantic comedies the most, while Malik himself admitted that all seniors are interested in rom-coms.

While the Shoaib thinks all the team players are eager to take selfies, Sarfaraz declared the left-arm opener, Imam as the selfie king while patting on his back.

When asked to reveal the name of person, who has the worst taste in music, Malik opted for left-arm opener, Fakhar while saying, “Fakhar Zaman. His songs are always in Pashto so we never understand anything.” While Sarfaraz was quick to name Faheem. “Faheem Ashraf listens to the most pointless songs,” he added. Imam also chose Faheem as the person with worst taste of music while saying, “Its true he listens to the strangest songs.”

Hassan, Sarfaraz and Imam accused the South African-born Head Coach, Mickey Arthur to be grumpiest person in the morning, when asked who is always the grumpiest man in the morning.

Imam and Shoaib Malik differed on the name of teammate who sings karaoke. Imam accused right-arm seamer, Hassan Ali as the person who is guilty of singing karaoke. Interestingly, Malik declared Imam himself as the fond of singing karaoke. Shoaib also said that Imam is always busy with his phone.

Shoaib Malik thought of the Wahab Riaz, the aggressive left-arm pacer, as the worst roommate one can have while Imam was in the favour of giving the title of worst roommate to Babar Azam, the right-arm batsman. Babar was also declared as the worst dancer by Imam ul Haq.

When it came to the choice of most self-obsessed person, who always googles himself, Sarfaraz and Imam pointed at each other but Shoaib chose Babar as the person who googles himself the most.

When asked about the one who always gets late for the team bus, Sarfaraz quickly pointed towards Imam, who admitted it sheepishly. All-rounder Shoaib Malik also picked Imam as the person who is late always.

Sarfaraz, Imam and Hassan were unison in declaring the batting coach, Grant Flower as the one who is constantly in the gym while Malik replied to this question by saying, “All of us.” Pakistan will face West Indies in its opening World Cup match tomorrow at Trent Bridge.

Written by James Robertson

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